Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Win The War “Over There” By Deporting Radical Islamists from “Here”

To me it is obvious that legally deporting Radical Islamists will greatly improve internal security in the US and it is irresponsible in the extreme to continue to allow Radical Islamists freedom of movement in the US. (For my definition of Radical Islam see preceding blog). What is not so obvious is how a policy of deporting radical islamists will further US foreign policy objectives and help us and our allies win the war in Iraq, Afghanastan, and wherever else the global war against radical islam takes us in the future. Writer Diane West of the Washington Times has a number of columns trying to say the same thing. (see for example)

To understand the benefits to our foreign policy, you have to look at it through the eyes of our enemies who openly state that they are at war with the USA and its interests throughout the world. Think Almadenajad of Iran, Nasrallah of Hezbollah, Osama Ben Laden, the leaders of Hamas, and others. The leaders of the radical islamist movement look at the US and the West and think we are weak, that we lack the will to carry on the long war with our enemies--them. By far the greatest confirmation of our defeatist outlook is that we allow potential enemy combatants and enemy sympathizers to reside in the west. We do not perform any kind of thorough check of incoming muslims to see if they are radical islamsist and, when we finally do deport a radical islamist, it is usually after a long legal process that has dragged on for years (like Sami Al Arian). We allow those who advocate instituting Sharia law among the host country Muslim population and in the society in general continued residence in the US.

So, leaving aside all the current legal barriers to deporting radical islamists, let’s imagine we start deporting radical islamists as a matter of public policy. What affect will this have “over there“ ?

1. It will tell our enemies that we finally understand that our county has an enemy and that the enemy is Radical Islam. As in: “we believe you, we won’t patronize you, we will accept you as our enemy.” In fact, because we are so afraid of you and since you are such an awful enemy, we in the multi-culural west will actually have to openly categorize you based on your beliefs, something we never ever do, by creating a class of persons--radical islamist--who are made exceptions to our normal criminal justice system. (Note: The author Lee Harris in his book Civilization and Its Enemies has discussed at length the nature of our radical islamist enemy, and the inability of many in our society to allow for the possibility that we really have an implacable enemy).

2. It will tell those potential migrants in the emigrating countries that your economic prospects of immigrating to the west are severely diminished if you are a radical islamist. And that if you manage to slip by and we find out later you are a radical islamist, you will be deported. If you are a radical islamist “over there“, then no more student visas, no work permits, no tourist visas, nada. And any family reunification you are thinking about will take place back where you came from, not here, as in your family joining you on the way out.

3. It will help US troop moral as they will not experience the phenomenon of fighting radical islam overseas only to come home and see that we allow radical islamist to live in the USA.

4. It may help moderate muslim leaders in the old country gain political advantage over their radical co-religionists.

5. It may help our weak-willed allies in Europe adapt the same policy. Leadership by example.

5. OK. I need more reasons or ideas on how deporting radical islamists from “here” will help us “over there”……….intuitively it sounds great!


Beach Girl said...

Felix - great post. Deporting radicals from here to there helps us over there because we can concentrate even more than we are now on "neutralizing" them and we'll know every one we "neutralize" over there decreases the ones we'll have to worry about over here.

Personally, I think all immigration from the Middle East should stop NOW unless it is Arab Christians or Jewish folks. Islam by definition is no compatible with our society. It is not a matter of religious freedom - the Qur'an says - don't befriend non-Muslims/Unbelievers and to kill them - not compatible in my mind.

Thanks for the good post. Going back now and including it in mine as a reference.

Diana West, Felix - Taking Sides, and Conservative Beach Girl - reign....

Always On Watch Two said...

Great proposal! Do we have any leaders with the guts to implement it?

PD111 said...

I take a pessimistic view as regards 'radical' islamists and Muslims. Both, each in their own way, work to increase the power and reach of Islam in Infidel nations. Once a critical mass is reached, the real war will begin in the West.

As a start, one needs to take Muslims at their own words and agree wholeheartedly that there is indeed a dar-ul-islam and a dar-ul -harb, and for the good of humanity, infidels and muslims alike, it is better to live apart.

It is a sad fact that muslim presence anywhere leads to discomfort of already established communities. Soon the established community will leave or forced out by Jihad of mob violence, and yet another region becomes dar ul islam.

What frightens me is that we are moving towards a new world war that is quite unlike previous world wars. This world war will be a civil war ie a global civil war - the very worst type imaginable. Else we are looking forward to a Three Conjecture scenario leading to deaths on an unprecedented scale.

Separation, which can be done in a humane manner, leaves hope for the future for everybody. Politically impossible at the moment? - Yes. Yet precedents are there in recent history, where separation of two mutually antagonistic peoples or ideologies, was considered the only way to secure a reasonably peaceful outcome. Harsh as this is, it is the most humane way to progress.

Muslim nations, left to their own devices, unable to export their excess population, an ever deteriorating infrastructure, increasing poverty and diminishing military power, will have no alternative but to reform islam. And even if they do not, they will not be a menace to the safety and security of the rest of the world, for the simple reason that they will not have access to harvest infidel lives. Jihad, i.e., waging war on the Infidel civilian for the glory of allah and personal redemption, will become virtually impossible, as they will not have ready access to Infidels to harvest. Muslims will then have to think of other ways to get to paradise, other then by slaying Infidels. This may will lead to the Reformation of Islam.

PD111 said...

Hi Felix

Great blog. Good colour scheme and easy on the eye.


felix said...

Thanks PD111
Perhaps another reason to deport radical islamists is that it will, as you note, engender a sense of isolation in the old country. Which may expedite the reformation in Islam you refer to.

gandalf said...

I wish you a hopeful christmas
I wish you a brave new year
All anguish pain and sadness
Leave your heart and let your road be clear

PD111 said...


Wishing you and your family, a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS.

eloivsdiablo said...

Would the mUslims kindly inform the West and the Westerners who are required to respect iSlam? Who is it that is being referred to in sura 7:176, "his similitude is that of a dog, if you attack him he lolls out his tongue or if you leave him alone he still lolls out his tongue that is the similitude of whose who reject our signs"? Our politicians have been "lapping" up their propaganda for decades whilst a sad fact is we are just a spit in the ocean.
It explicitly calls for the persecution and submission through violence of all who hold other beliefs.
To kill a noxious weed the roots need to be destroyed, it's no use cutting the weed from the ground up, it grows back again to strangle the life out of the garden. It's the quran itself that needs to be scrutinized and found wanting and once done will be seen as the evil ideology and outlawed as it should be...