Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Declaration of War

I saw the movie Obsession last week, and even though I read alot about the radical islamist threat, the movie scared and motivated me more than usual, so here's an idea.

A frequent topic re Radical Islamists is that our legal system is inadequate to deal with the threat. Our criminal justice code and immigration laws and procedures were not designed to handle issues of this magnitude. So, for example, when I discuss with others the implementation of a policy to identify, take into custody, and deport radical islamists, most people usually agree with the concept. Very few of us want individuals who are correctly identified as radical islamists to live in the United States. So how do we legally get from here (currently allowing radical islamists freedom of movement within the country) to there (legally deporting them)?

I think the legal means to that end is a Declaration of War against Radical Islam. OK, OK, I know a Declaration of War is normally directed against a country, not against a movement or a part of a religion. But I think having a document in front of us may help move this forward. The stategy would be:
1. to draft such a resolution
2. to distribute to our congresspersons (as in "see, look at this") or place full-page advertisement in the newspapers, or hand it out at rallies, etc.
3. to have one or two Congresspersons introduce the Declaration, and then watch the interest and sponsors grow.

For all I know, a sample document may have already been written. If anyone can give me the reference, please do so in the comments below. If this document has not yet been written, perhaps there are attorneys out there who can help. As reference, take a look at the Declarations of War by the US Congress for World War I and World War II.

Declaration of War Against Germany--WWI

Declaration of War with Japan

Updated Resolution: 8/17/2006

Joint Resolution Declaring that a State of War exists between Radical Islam and the Government and People of the United States and making provisions to prosecute same.

Whereas the extraterritorial movement known as Radical Islam has planned, advocated, and committed unprovoked acts of War against the people of the United States of America

Whereas, numerous representatives of said Radical Islam have announced that their exists a State of War between radical Islam and the United States,

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America, that a State of War now exists between Radical Islam and the United States and is hereby formally declared. The President is authorized and directed to employ the military forces of the United States as needed and the resources of the Government to carry on the war against Radical Islam. Further, recognizing the danger posed by individuals who are loyal to Radical Islam who are now or may in the future be residing in the United States and its territories, the President and the Attorney General of the United States are hereby authorized to identify such individuals, take them into preventive custody, and deport them from the United States.

For purposes of this Declaration, Radical Islam is defined as those individuals or organizations who advocate, support, plan or execute jihad attacks against the United States and its foreign allies and interests or those who support the overthrow of the Constitutional government of the United States and in its place the establishment of Sharia law. Further, the distinction is made herein between Radical Islam and Moderate Islam (the later being expressly excepted from the intent of this Declaration.)


gandalf said...

Hi felix
good to see you blogging
I have placed a link to you on pompeii

keep on trucking

felix said...

Hi, I will link your site too.

Beholdthelantern said...

I agree something must be done, the (UK) Government, backed up by it's media wing (BBC) go too soft on the islamonazis. I'm not sure what the state of play is in the US but if it's anything like here I feel for you.

PD111 said...

Laurence Auster has this to say, that not just planes but public buildings will need the same security as planes, which is what I have been saying for years.

Now put all the above together with what I said in yesterday’s blog entry, “The unchanging reality of Muslim terror—so long as Muslims remain among us,” and our situation comes into focus: Not being able to take a box of tissues aboard a plane or into a public building, not being able to take eye drops, bottled water, lipstick, or books aboard a plane or into a public building, not being able to take baby’s milk aboard a plane or into a public building unless the milk is tasted—this is our future, FOREVER, so long as Muslims in significant numbers continue to reside in and freely travel in the West.

The jihadist Muslims—who incarnate the principle of anti-life—literally have the ability to shut down ordinary life in our societies, so long as we allow them to live and move among us.The Muslim terrorists are part and parcel of the Muslim community. According to a survey reported in the Scotsman, 24 percent of Muslims in Britain (I never describe them as “British Muslims”) believe the July 2005 London bombings were justified. Imagine that. Not only do these Muslims in Britain support terrorism against Britain, they’re not afraid to say so openly to a pollster! The unchangeable fact is that wherever there is a sizable Muslim community there will be a very large number of terror supporters and therefore—inevitably—actual terrorists as well.
Felix posted at UPP:You and others are doing a great job of highlighting the problem. Since our enemies use unconventional means of attack, we have to start thinking of unconventional (peaceful) means as well. Let's brainstorm.

Thats a great idea. We're in this together. It is obvious that the the West, or atleast its politicians, who are the ones that put us in this parlous position, are now confused and know not what to do.

felix said...

Thanks PD111. You know when I read that 24% of British Muslims believe 7/11 attacks were justified, you have to think the % is higher, since why would anyone tell a pollster or fill out a form saying they agreed with such a thing. I mean even if a person believed this, why would they tell an anonymous inquirer.

confusedforeigner said...

Oh yes, declaring war on a religion and proving that you know nothing with the use of silly slogans like islamofascism will certainly be productive.

Try to seperate movies from real life in your tiny mind.

What a fucking idiot you are.

Red Tulips said...


This is a great idea, though I am not sure how to formally declare a war against an ideology, versus a country.

Still, something to think about!

Since you have updated your blog, I will link to your site on Culture for All. :-)

Thanks for your trips to my blog, and keep up the good work on your blog!

Pastorius said...

Sounds like an idea which needs to be discussed. Do you mind if I post it at Infidel Bloggers Alliance?

If you're ok with that, will you email me at

geoffgo said...

We might all start by identifying the enemy! Radical Islam.

Well what's the source? Radical imams, worldwide, who have yet to pay for their hate spewing.

Why not? Cause they call it a religion.

Let's make a list and get about it. Target the 5,000 worst offenders with Hellfire missles 24/7.

After perhaps as few as 1,000 TERMINATIONS-WITH-PREJUDICE, we would see a hastily called conclave where muslim scholars and imams would redefine what old MO had to say.

Fastest, most humane method to clear the air and get KORAN 2.0.

geoffgo said...

Oh, also thereby causing the ummah to SHUN all the imams and teachers on the list, as a means to protect the mosques, schools and residences.

We need for the imams to know the infidels are coming for them, individually, with certain death. I guess we'd see how many of these elite effetes are ready to die for allah.

DB2 said...

FWIW, I have read that after WWII Congress passed a law to make things easier the next time war was declared (based on their experiences from 1941-1945). When war is declared a large number of laws, such as censorship and rationing, are automatically enacted.

From time to time a member of Congress will suggest a declaration of war measure. A senior staff member will quietly take them aside and explain the situation.

Anonymous said...

Islamofacists have declared a war on us. Either we ignore it, like we have done since the '90's or take it seriously.

Confudeforeigner, you can suck my balls! I can't wait for you to meet your 72 Virginians.

Anonymous said...

I would change the last paragraph to:

For purposes of this Declaration, Radical Islam is defined as those individuals, organizations or governments who advocate, support, plan or execute jihad attacks against the United States and its foreign allies and interests or those who advocate or support the overthrow of the Constitutional government of the United States and in its place the establishment of Sharia law. Further, the distinction is made herein between Radical Islam and Moderate Islam (the later being expressly excepted from the intent of this Declaration.)

religion of pieces said...

There is no such thing as moderate Islam. Either the koran is accepted in its entirety as the literal word of God - including all the stuff about raping and murdering the infidels - or it is the sickest hoax in history. There is no logically consistent intermediate view.

felix said...

anonymous above,
Thanks for the better language,

felix said...

Further to anonymous above. I decided to leave out "foreign government" from your last paragraph. This would then make this a DOW against Iran and maybe Somalia and others. I do consider us at war with Iran, however I think where a country is concerned it is better to have a seaprate DOW.

Also, I want to give this resolution a chance to be introduced and discussed so I don't want to reach too far. (irony?)

Beach Girl said...

Hi Felix: I'm new to this world of blogging. So, I have a really simple question first. Where do I find a book/text on programming so that I can do all the fancy stuff like italics, etc?

Now, to the good stuff. I can only say that I am happy to see the comments and to know that I am not alone. If you don't mind, I'll link you at my NEW blog, my first. To Beholdthelantern, yes, US is tied up in knots. At least our liberals exported national suicide to Europe and Britain as well so we could all be equally destroyed.

I'm not interested in being destroyed. Just a note, Felix. A friend told me this evening that a mosque is being built (tax dollars) at Quantico for the 24 Muslims there.

pd111's comment is really interesting. Think of all the jobs that scenario would create. See, I'm concerned and offended that we are training an entire population to be herded, searched, prodded, poked, and to take it with a smile. At the same time, we are training thousands of Americans to be desensitized to what they are doing to other Americans each and everyday. The implications are clear.

If you feel like linking me to your site, I'd be honored. Mostly, I'm glad to find you and your fellow patriots. Thanks.

Beach Girl said...

Felix - sorry if I have broken all of the blogger protocols. Just learning. Tried to respond to KG on Gates of Vienna. Will try not to break protocols as soon as I find out what they are. Very glad to know you and your colleagues are out there.

gandalf said...

now it makes sense

felix said...

Hi BeachGirl,
Thanks for the positive feedback. I am looking for an "Idiot's Guide" to blogspot as there are a number of simple blog things I can't figure out. The "help" is somewhat confusing. I will check out your blog.

Beach Girl said...

Felix - found Blogging for Dummies. Tell KG to check Daily Newspaper in London. Seems passengers mutinied and would not board plane because of two scruffy looking youth. Youth were removed from plane.

Starling David Hunter said...

nice idea to have a declaration againt "Radical Islamism." Saw this over at Belmont and followed the link. Will visit again regularly.

Massachusetts Republican said...

Sir, That is what I am talking about!

Beach Girl said...

Felix - read your comment over at Gates of Vienna. That's what I need - some suggestions. Will link your site. On the legal means to deport folks promoting jihad, I can work with that idea. Have some ways to bring these types of ideas to some folks who might, slowly, look at things differently. Really have enjoyed the discussions at Gates of Vienna. Great site for these discussions.

Always takes time to bring about some of the needed changes. A combination of slow, measured steps will win the day and perhaps allow us to regain control of our culture in such a manner that common sense will prevail.

These issues do need to be discussed so that each of us in our own small spheres can each work within the system to attain reason and end paralysis.

Beach Girl said...

If you don't mind, I may get the energy to write a post concerning your Declaration, I need to read it again thoroughly and think about it. Will link to you and give credit as appropriate. I think Papa Ray from Texas is right about doing some research.

Think I'll check out Jihad Watch first. I've never been much good at theory unless it can be applied. Please share your idea of law/legal class, etc. as often as you can/see fit. We (US) don't need to move on/into nations who are controlled by Radical Islamists. They have come to us. If you have time, please see several of my recent posts on Islamic Law vs Secular Law, The Advance of Islamic Imperialism... I am new and still finding my voice. As I slow down, learn, and regain former professionalism (in my mindset), I'll be able to focus and contribute more. I need to do that for myself.

Thank KG, too. I don't seem to be able to always publish comments for him. Only tried twice, ever. Once successful. Other time not. Back to back.

Beach Girl said...

Have thought about issue off and on all morning. Only know some folks in politics and they have passed laws as RICO and others. Otherwise, no help there at this time. Gov. has closed down some "charities" that collect money here and funnel it to jihadists over-seas or maybe to fund questionable activities here. Don't know how they treat the money coming here from Middle East - Saudi, et al. meant to establish madrassas and destablize culture that way under the guise of "protecting" their culture.

Thinking about how situations change in small, seemingly simplistic steps. Calling things what they are for example. If media shifted from calling terrorists (those using the tactic of terror) to jihadists, those engaged in self-described holy war to destabilize Western governments, and to establish Sharia Law and culture in their place - would that more clearly describe the "war on terror"?

Jihadists use tactics: terrorism (overt), charitable foundations, suing to be able to wear jihabs(sp) in schools or veils on driver's license pictures(some seemingly benign), fostering isolation of communities from integrating into host nation's mainstream culture and values, list goes on.

My friends hold to two general opinions: they can't do anything about it all anyway so don't even waste their time talking about it and they don't care. These same friends tell me - when talking about pedophiles - that the only way for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.

Maybe best method is to pick one or two areas and focus on accomplishing something there. First thing though is what is happening on Gates of Vienna and that is talking about issues.

I still maintain though that terrorists must not be tried in "criminal court". Must be other venues for them such as military courts.

Will try to find the one place where I can make a difference in tiny, steady way. Thanks.

Beach Girl said...

Felix, cited your declaration in two recent posts. Hope that's okay, linked to your site.

rthor said...

Hello Hello

Saw the declaration on LGF and thought it should be sent to every member of congress as well as the state delegations..time to move these people into action


Anonymous said...

hmm, how about a Declaration of War against Fundamentalist Christians aswell?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the encouragement. I went to the rally and everything went well. I posted photos on my blog, I'd love to hear back from you.

Readwriteand blue
Photo Link

Beach Girl said...

Felix, this is a little off from your topic but Mr. Minority has a post dealing with the Public Expression of Religion Act now before Congress. It is a first step.

Beach Girl said...

So great to hear from you. I'm afraid they are bringing this war to us and we won't be able to avoid it with nice phrases and parlays. Can you imagine getting the Pope to back down? Unheard of.

gandalf said...

hi felix.

on my site when I said has war been declared I meant on us by them

sorry if title was misleading

Beach Girl said...

Felix, if you haven't seen it, the Baron has a great post, The Emperor is naked. Yesterday I think. You'll have to scroll down a bit. Some good comments there that rather fit in with some of your Declaration. If we keep at this, we can form a "thesis" that we can post at an independent blog. Anyway, you'll like the comments and the trend in thinking.

If you feel like it, add some suggestions. To me, it is not the "cost" right now. It is more important to formulate our "thesis" and articulate it as a group. You did that with your Declaration. I promised you I'd be back.

Can I print out your declaration and the comments? Would you e-mail it all to me? I'm going to take some time to work on this because I believe it is that important. You have done much necessary research so the wheel does not have to be reinvented.

VSK said...

From Gates of Vienna posts,

DRAFT NOTICE - Sign up here!
Notice from the War Room:

Beach Girl and I have been in contact. She is developing an initial outline from the ideas presented so far.

I have created an elist of our commenters here. HOWEVER -- many of you do not have your email available. Please email me if you wish to stay informed and assist in the ideas and developing logistics. (Send to problog at vicktorya dotcom will do for now.)

What I believe will be most efficient is for an egroup to be set up, (yahoogroups) so that the discussions can be private. (We don't want the battleplans getting leaked!). I'll set it up and (help) admin it.

The ideas for specific blogs, search engines, domain names are good, necessary -- and, while we are in formative stages, and for on-going logistics and forward planning, a private forum is necessary. I'll probably just unilaterally decide on a working name for the egroup (but if you have a divine experience, let me know!) ... also send along other concerns and suggestions. I suggest we go underground now.

There are overt and covert activities that we will be able to pursue. I'm intrigued by the possibilities on the guerrilla tactics, and will put some thoughts together on that to share; once we get a home.

Meanwhile, pass the word, and send any email addresses to me for inclusion in a planning egroup.

Battle stations everyone!

Beach Girl said...

Felix, I wanna bobblehead. I couldn't believe it when I read your comment. Anyway, we're on the case at the Gates. Plenty to do. I'm a "reflection" type so I usually take a bit of time to let things sit then it is onward.

The faith shall keep us free! (not to mention a bit of work)

Beach Girl said...

Felix, thank you for the link to my site. You are a kind person.

Gormless Norman said...

Felix, great idea, I hope this idea gets rolling. Bush made a huge mistake in coming up with the name "War on Terrorism."

First let me say, I don't think it's correct to identify the enemy as "radical Islam," because to say "radical" entails a judgment about where violent jihad/Islamism fits into the whole of Islam. Specifically, to say that the terrorists are "radical" within the whole of Islam is to say that either a) mainstream Islam is peaceful as a matter of doctrine or practice or however the heck you want to define it, or b) that violent jihadis/Islamists constitute a "tiny minority" of Muslims. I think both propositions are false. It does not follow that Islam is the enemy. But instead of pointing this out by modifying it with "radical," we should specify the belief system of the enemy with the term "Islamists," those who advocate political Islam, i.e., Sharia law. Islamofascism is a fair nickname for this concept, because it obviously does not refer necessarily to mainstream Islam. But I would stay away altogether from using terms which entail judgments about what mainstream Islam is or is not.

That said, great piece. As I was reading your piece, it occured to me why exactly a declaration of war would be useful. People often say, "you can't declare war on an idea" or "you fight wars against countries, not ideologies" or things like this. And, it's possibly true that we can't defeat Islamofascism militarily. But, that's not the point here. Imagine if we take this unique stance: isolationist internationally, yet in a state of war against Islamofascism. Who says in a war you have to go out and destroy your enemy? It's enough, for starters, to be on a war footing simply because it would allow us to do internment, repatriation, greater domestic surveillance, and all the other things necessary to weed out the problem at home. So one purpose of a war could be to go out and destroy the enemy; but being on a war footing would serve other ends, even if we never deployed the military at all. In fact, it would serve the more necessary ends, in this context.

urban11 said...

It is a mistake to divide islam into two camps, moderate and radical,unless you can demonstrate how to moderatly kill infidels wherever you find them. Muslims tend to behave themselves when the represent a tiny minority, howevever as their numbers increace their behaviour starts to mirror the behaviour of their prophet i.e. murder,rape,and theiving.

PD111 said...

confudeforeigner is really confusedeinfidel - Taqqiya even in the nick.

yochanan said...

Declare war on Iran it will have the same effect as fighting radical islam as the two are the same thing.

Iran is currently suppling the IED'S in Iraq. Iran also is Hezballah.

And then there is the whole Iran nuke program.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Felix for a great idea. It goes along with my idea to ban Islam by Constitutional Amendement, see which Felix commented on. I think both ideas can be used together to save the USA.


Tiger said...

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